Intolerance is a Barthilas Horde raiding guild...

with a select few Americans, Australians and New Zealanders that formed just shortly after Wrath of the Lich King was released.

Many of our raiders have been around since Vanilla wow; most of which have been in various higher end raiding guilds over the years. Some have completed 40 man Naxx pre Burning Crusade, and some have even completed Muru pre 3.0.

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Ra-den down. 13/13 Tier 15 cleared - 12 Aug 2013

Ra-den down on our 2nd week of attempts. Fairly straight forward fight especially at the gear levels now.

Should have died the 1st week we got to it but Blizzard decided to screw over Oceanic servers and have early maintenance that week GG.

Loot was
Skyseeker Ra-den's Summoning Band
Bashugood Lightning-Walker Clawfeet

Awesome effort this Tier everyone.

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Current Recruitment

Our current priority recruitment needs are:

No longer raiding

Furthermore New Zealand and Australian players are welcome to join our community as a casual - we are a level 25 guild with generous perks for the player including guild repairs.